Monday, September 20, 2010

CIRCLES and a Birthday invite!

Wow, I didn't realize the kick I am stuck on!  The last 4 LOs I posted were all done with circles!!  I promise the next page I do will not have circles!! I am actually trying out something new, but I have to run to Joann's before I can finish it.  Maybe I will have the chance later today.  But for now, I have one more thing to show you..

My daughter will be celebrating her birthday and wanted to have a Hannah Montana party, but I talked her into changing it to a generalized RockStar party.  We put the invites together last night and this is what we came up with.  The other side has written out with markers using Lyrical Letter "Come Party Like a ROCK STAR."  We used Every Day Paper Dolls to make the girls (any boys for the boy invites) and the star was cut using George.  I did use design studio to do the front of the invites and layout the back before cutting.  I printed the info for the party out on labels and cut them down into strips so I could just stick them on.  We were happy how they came out!  Next up making a 12" paper doll to play Pin the Mic on the Rock Star!